Pelleve Radiofrequency Treatment

Pelleve is the newest innovation in cosmetic treatment for facial wrinkles without surgery.

A non-invasive skin tightening, providing visible and 

lasting results. 

Pellevé is now FDA-cleared to safely and effectively treat 
mild to moderate facial wrinkles without surgery. Pelleve works by gradually and progressively heating the skin with a warming device to stimulate new 
collagen production, which results in the appearance of firmer skin. Unlike 
other skin tightening procedures,

Pelleve is virtually painless. There is no 
downtime associated with the procedure.

Pelleve uses new and advanced radiowave technology to 
heat the deepest layers of skin withoutcausing any of the skin damage 
associated with sunburns and skin cancer.

There is no anesthesia needed, because there will be no pain felt during the non invasive procedure. A 
special Pelleve hand piece will be used on the wrinkled skin. Every time this Pelleve hand piece is used, a warming sensation will be felt. Once heated, the 
collagen in the deepest skin layer contracts, forcing new collagen to be 
formed after the treatment.

This newer collagen quickly creates a smoother 
appearance in the uppermost layer of skin.

The entire Pelleve treatment takes 
between 45 minutes and an hour. This short time is possible because a Pelleve 
treatment does not involve any incisions or anesthesia, which are usually the 
most time consuming aspects of procedures.

The overall result is a noticeable improvement in skin quality and 
appearance with minimal side effects and recovery time. It then takes 4 to 8 
weeks to see results as collagen is stimulated.

It is recommended that 
patients have a series of three treatments for optimal results.

A maintenance 
treatment every one to two years after that will help the battle against 
aging. It would likely help to keep your nice skin smooth. Getting a Pelleve 
treatment turns back the clock on the aging process and may help slow the 
progression of facial wrinkles, folds and loose skin that can lead patients to 
seek surgery later.

Pelleve Face Ironing featuring Dr Seit on A Current Affairs

Pelleve – for smoother skin, elimination or 
reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and the tightening of sagging skin.

pelleve-face-ironing-after pelleve-face-ironing-before