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ASLMS Conference in April

April 7, 2014

Dr Seit and Dr Su are currently at the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is what they have to say: “Lots of new advances in Laser medicine. Always a stimulating discussion with Prof Rox Anderson from Harvard University, Wellman’s Centre for Photomedicine and catching up with Prof Mitch Goldman from University of Califonia. We visited the Global head…


Published Journal Research

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) uses a photosensitiser, light and molecular oxygen to selectively kill cells. This new treatment has been used with a confluent light source to treat certain non-melanoma skin cancers and precancerous lesions and is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Intense pulsed light (IPL) has been used in the last 8 years to treat sun damaged skin and signs of photoageing as a non-ablative skin rejuvenation modality. Photodynamic photorejuvenation (PDPR) is a new form of treatment that combines the benefit of both treatments to give a superior therapeutic and cosmetic effect. Seit, S. Photodynamic Photorejuvenation: An 18-month Experience on Combination of APA-IPL and a 630nm LED Continous Light Source. Australasian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery 2005; 1:25-31.


Workshops & Conferences

The American Society for Laser Medicine Systems (ASLMS) 2008 Conference

April 2008

The conference aims to educate physicians and the healthcare market (particularly dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons) in the latest aesthetic and laser technology. Australian doctors Samuel Seit, Mary Dingley and Satya Bhatia were among the Australasian doctors who attended.
Asian blepharoplasty workshop, 5050 Clinic, Korea

May 2006

The workshop techniques ranged from a full blepharoplasty to a minimally invasive single sulture technique.

The SCCC in the Media

The Most Advanced Non-Surgical Neck & Face Lift

As we age, everybody gets loosening of the skin. What if there was a way to address skin laxity without going under the knife?
Facial concerns such as jowls, deepening marionette lines, sagging eyelids, loose neck folds, fine lines and wrinkles can be treated using the latest cosmetic medical technology.

Ultraformer therapy is a completely non-invasive face and neck lifting treatment. It uses micro-macro focused ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin without downtime. Safe, quick and easy with high patient satisfaction and minimal discomfort.

Treatments can be done during your lunchbreak and being non-invasive, patients can return to daily activities immediately after treatment. Results will vary but patients typically only need one to two treatments spaced 6 months apart. You will notice some initial lifting and tightening which improves over the following 2 to 3 months. Contact the SCCC for more information on the optimal treatment for your skin concerns.

North Shore Living - October 2016

Laser Treatments Improve Well-Being

An involuntary loss of urine is quite common in women, as is a loss of friction and sexual satisfaction.

Childbirth, ageing, even weight gain can all overstretch and thin the vaginal wall, causing such problems. Something as simple as a cough or sneeze can stimulate leakage, otherwise known as stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The good news is Dr Sue Feng can treat all those with one non-surgical 15-30 minute in-clinic procedure. The revolutionary process, which is virtually pain-free and safe, combines both the IncontiLase and IntimaLase laser treatments. The procedures involve a special attachment similar to a speculum, as used during a pap test, inserted into the vagina during which the entire vaginal region is treated with short laser pulses through a small handpiece. The laser has a photo-thermal heating effect on collagen in both the vaginal walls and urethra which causes collagen restructuring and regrowth. The result is a thickening and tightening of the vaginal walls and urethra. Patients normally need 2-3 sessions with a one-month interval. As there is no downtime or discomfort after treatment, you can immediately return to normal, everyday activities. So successful has it been, that 94 per cent of women reported their SUI improved significantly after 120 days and 68 per cent were completely rid of it. While 95 per cent of women indicated they experienced a more than moderate level of vaginal tightening as a result of the IntimaLase treatment, 3 treatments give a much longer, sustainable result.

The Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic
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North Shore Living - November 2016

The Right Mix

Nov - July 2011

Sydney Cosmetic Surgeon explains how fractional CO2 laser resurfacing can dramatically improve Acne, Acne scars & sun damaged skin.
The cool way to blast fat

Nov 2010- Jan 2011

Sydney Cosmetic Surgeon explains how coolsculpting uses ice cold temperature to sculp the body.
In The Mix

Nov 2010- Jan 2011

Sydney Cosmetic and Laser Surgeon explains how the Mixto SX Fractional Laser can significantly improve the appearance of the skin.
New light on facial rejuvenation

Nov - Jan 2008

Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr Samuel Seit discusses the dramatic anti-ageing results that can be achieved by combining light-based therapies with photosensitisers. Christine Doggett reports.