Treatment for Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Sweating is normal part of our body’s way of cooling down our body, but excessive sweating isn’t. This is called Hyperhydrosis.

Excessive sweating is more common than you might think and quite debilitating to many who are affected. It may affect – axillary (underarm), hands, feet, and groin.

At the skin cancer + cosmetic clinic, Dr Samuel Seit takes great pride in assisting patients diagnose and treat this difficult condition. The commonest complaint we get is excessive sweating on the axilla (armpits). Patients are often embarrassed by the large patch of sweat on their work clothes even when they are not doing any strenuous work or when the weather isn’t even hot. Hyperhydrosis can have significant affects socially and in the work place, the embarrassment of shaking hands, or hugging a person can isolate a persons social interaction, with a sweaty hand, the ability to person in some jobs may be impossible.

Using a muscle relaxant injection, the skin of the affected area is being injected and the area will experience over 80% less sweating lasting 6-12 months.

Other possible treatments include:

1. Aluminum Chloride,

2. Iontophoresis

3. Medications

4. Anti-depressants.

5. Surgery (Sympatectomy, Axillary liposuction).

The procedure is safe & effective and performed with minimal discomfort as a walk-in walk-out procedure usually taking less than 30 minutes. If excessive sweating is affecting your life, please call us up for an appointment for an assessment.