Mole Removal in Neutral Bay, Sydney

The Skin cancer and Cosmetic Clinic are the experts in detecting and preventing potential Skin Cancer with our precautionary mole removal surgery.

How to remove a mole?

When assessing for mole removal, patient safety is the number one consideration. Doctors at our clinic would assess if a mole is beginning to show signs of malignancy before deciding which method to use.

For moles with suspicious signs of skin cancer (in particular melanoma or pigmented Basal Cell Carcinoma), the lesion is first biopsied to determine its nature before deciding which mole removal technique we use

For suspicious lesions, traditional surgical excision with primary closure with suturing is the method of choice and the whole excised mole is sent for histopathological examination.

Cosmetic mole removal:

Once established a mole is benign, we can use our various cutting edge mole removal techniques to remove moles with minimal scarring.


Using state of the art radiofrequency waveform to remove a mole while its base is simultaneously cauterised.



Before Radiosurgery


Radiosurgery Procedure


1 Month After Radiosurgery

Punch excision:

For small 1-2mm flat moles, they can be removed including the base with a surgical punch under local anaesthetic.

Other techniques we use to remove moles include Electrosurgery, CO2 laser, Er-Yag laser where we utilise vaporization techniques to remove a mole without cutting to name just a few more. It’s best to have your mole assessed by our doctors for the most suitable method for your mole removal.

How much does it cost to remove a mole?

The cost can vary depend on which method we use, the size of the mole and site of the mole to be removed. The best way to find out about a price is to book a consultation with one of our specialists who will be able to give you an estimated price after your first visit.