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The Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic is passionate about offering professional and effective treatments that help us care for the largest organ of our bodies – our skin.


We believe skin care and maintenance should be a common part of our everyday living, and we work to simplify this part of life by providing friendly advice and a selection of quality treatments.


Our team have introduced a number of treatments to Australia, and we constantly keep abreast of advancements in dermatology and cosmetic procedures to offer you the latest treatment options.


Cosmetic dermatology

We offer two types of cosmetic dermatology services – cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. Both of these methods come with a wide selection of treatments to choose from to cater to your personal needs.


Cosmetic medicine involves less invasive procedures such as chemical peels, fillers or other injectables in order to achieve a desired aesthetic result. Our specialised team can also perform surgical procedures for correction, restoration and to remove moles.


Skin cancer

With approximately 2 in 3 Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they turn 70, it’s important to regularly check your skin yourself and have a professional do the same. Since our inception in 2002, our team has treated more than 30,000 malignancies.

When it comes to skin cancer, quick identification and management is key.  If you notice changes to your skin or a mole that has changed in shape, colour or texture, make a booking to have it assessed by a professional.


Most skin cancers are caused by UV radiation from exposure to sunlight. Often there is a history of severe sunburns or frequent tanning. Being sun smart by wearing sunscreen and wearing protective clothing will not only help you reduce your risk of skin cancer, it can also help you minimise the signs of ageing.


Dermatological treatments and the signs of ageing

The ageing process in a natural part of life, but there are measures we can take to reduce the signs of ageing when it comes to our skin. If you are looking to correct or restore your skin, we offer a range of treatments that can target your problem areas.


Many patients request our treatments to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate loose skin, correct pigmentation and reduce unwanted fat.


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The Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic is located in Neutral Bay, perfectly located for residents in Sydney and surrounding areas. Whether you know the target area and treatment option you would like to discuss, or you would like further information before deciding what is right for you, our friendly team are here to help. Please call 02 9904 2211 to arrange a consultation.