ASLMS Conference in April

April 7, 2014

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Dr Seit and Dr Su are currently at the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is what they have to say:

“Lots of new advances in Laser medicine. Always a stimulating discussion with Prof Rox Anderson from Harvard University, Wellman’s Centre for Photomedicine and catching up with Prof Mitch Goldman from University of Califonia. We visited the Global head office of Ulthera to see the manufacture Dept & Research & Development Dept of this Skin tightening technology. Good news for patients with post surgical scars, man boobs, difficult hyperpigmentation (esp Melasma), Acne, Cellulites, loose skin under the neck & lower face laxity, hair loss and most importantly, people with Basal Cell Carcinomas. New treatments, new protocols, new lasers for treating all these conditions were heard in this conference (the biggest of it’s kind in the world). We will certainly be bringing back some of these great technology & treatments to our clinic.”